Sensing The Internet of Things

iProtoXi offers  IoT services, customizable platforms and applications.
We design and manufacture innovative, modular, energy efficient and wearable electronics.
Our solutions include full stack design services and cloud ready IoT platforms.
We productize your idea to complete sellable mass product or solution.
We digitalize your solution up to date.

Full stack iot services

iProtoXi offers “one-stop-shopping” design for innovative customer specific solutions. Our IoT services are especially suitable for modular and energy-efficient Internet-of-Things wearables. Our Aistin Blue product platforms can be fully customized to meet customer requirements and therefore enabling significant savings in both time and expense.

Our service chain includes everything you may need: electronics and physical device design, embedded software, mobile applications and cloud services. We support our customers from rapid prototyping and application development, through to manufacturing and mass production.

We can help your business to build the product from idea to implementation and there to mass production, or anything between.

iProtoXi IoT Services from idea to mass production


You have a great idea but don’t know how to make it business? Let’s look together at your product idea where to start. It’s good to figure out good and bad sides to every option already in the begining and it will save both time and money. We can help your business to build the product from idea to implementation and there to mass production, or anything between. It can be difficult to convince other people about a business idea. We’ll help you to the next step to proof your concept idea for investors and stakeholders. We can also help you to get funding with our consultants.

  • Finding investors from our cooperation network
  • Service design
    • Service experience, touchpoints and moments
    • Customer journey


Proof of concept (POC) is documented evidence that a potential product or service idea can be successful. POC is therefore a prototype that is designed to determine feasibility, but does not represent deliverables. It is demonstration of the core functionality. It also provides the opportunity for your organization to solicit internal feedback about a promising product or service, while reducing unnecessary risk and exposure and providing the opportunity for stakeholders to assess design choices early on in the development cycle.

  • Rapid development time
  • Core functionality implementation
  • The proof of functionality for investors


A prototype is a working representation of how the end product design will look, while also offering a working demonstration of the product functionality. Prototype is typically compromised of a mix of production grade materials and off-the-shelf components to balance cost efficiency with design quality.

  • Interface adaptation for customer systems
  • Cloud feature design
  • Phone applications
  • Power consumption optimatization and operating time analysis
  • Antenna, drop down etc. simulations
  • Material selections and fixture
  • IP classification
  • Mechanics and industrial design
  • Mechanics manufacturing
  • Test planning and testing
  • Software design
  • Hardware design


You may need to put out a limited pilot on a new product to see if it creates the buzz from customers that you expected.

  • Product security design and implementation
  • Product acceptance test design and implementation
  • Device Management design
  • Sales package design and manufacturing
  • Production testing design and implementation
  • Selection of manufacturer




Testing of production line with 0-serie test run. After these test runs some modifications can be made for final mass production line and materials to achieve lower production costs.

  • Product preparation for massproduction
  • End product Bill of Material costs (BOM) and component availability check


Mass production is the manufacturing of large quantities of standardized products using assembly line or automation technology. Mass production refers to the production of a large number of similar products efficiently.

  • Product support phase
    • Customer support
    • Maintenance
    • Error management
    • Feature management

We are a service provider for SMEs’ Business Finland Innovation Voucher

The innovation voucher is intended for SMEs engaged in well-established business and who have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external expertise. The innovation voucher aims to find new business opportunities for businesses to support business growth and encourage new businesses to innovate. See for more information Business Finland website.


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Custom IoT Services

iProtoXi offers custom IoT Services


Cloud services allows users to easily connect, manage, monitor and control IoT devices and sensors remotely via internet with modern web technologies. Furthermore our cloud services can be tailored to meet your own specific requirements and needs.


Aistin Blue boards with Bus24 are specifically designed for low energy, battery operated wireless IoT and wearable solutions.


The focus is on adapting and following new and innovative standards such as Bluetooth Low Energy, LoRa and NB-IoT.


Aistin battery powered multisensors has BT-LE beacon and options for long range NB-IoT and LoRa radios. Easy to use Aistin Sensor Scanner Android application is provided for local data viewing and easy setup. Support for WolkAbout cloud service and also adaptation to customer own cloud can be provided.


We support our customers rapid prototyping and application development for wearables, health and sports, industry maintenance, home automation, education and many other applications.


IoT hardware and software designs are made with modularity in order to easily add more functionality later if needed. Modular software simplifies complex system programming and reduces both development time and costs. Modular design also improves reliability of the end products.

product platforms

Aistin Blue3 with Lora radio, good starting point for our IoT Services
Flexibility and extendability with ready-made, modular solutions of hardware and software saves time and money.

Aistin Blue platform provides a fast track solution for customers to test and evaluate the idea in real life before moving to mass production. Our IoT services covers all the phases from idea to sellable package.


Haikara Corp Oy is a Finland based company engaged in the development, manufacturing and distribution of touch screen operated “Digital Lifestyle” watches at affordable prices.
Anaxeos is a lightweight vest with sensors that track things such as heart rate and temperature, connected to a mobile app that then reveals the data and interprets them so that the dog’s carer can take action.
Vexve is the globally leading provider of valve solutions for the heating and cooling needs of cities and industry. Developed for demanding applications, Vexve valve and control products and hydraulic control solutions are used in district energy networks, power plants, and internal heating and cooling systems of buildings.
Kick.AI is a Finnish startup company working on data-driven sports solutions to martial arts. The owners come from within the sport and are as passionate martial artists, as they are about technology and innovations.
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